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Business people permit


A Business People Permit is issued to an applicant that currently has a business in The Kingdom of Lesotho or for applicant that wish to open a business within the Kingdom of Lesotho.

Documents required

Note: All copies needs to be certified.

Note: No police clearance is required for applicants under the age of 16 years.

Documents Required
Duly completed online form
2x Passport Size Photo’s
Medical Certificate (To be filled by a Government Medical Practitioner within Lesotho)
Police Clearance from Lesotho
Police Clearance from country of origin for 1st time applicants
Work Permit (Certified by department of Labor & Employment)
Letter From Applicant (Requesting Permission from Director of Immigration to reside in Lesotho)
Letter From Employer
Personal Tax Clearance (Certified from LRA)
Company Tax Clearance (Certified from LRA)
Traders License (Certified from Trade and Industry)
Employment Contract
Memorandum (For Directors only and Directors Fees)
Copy of passport
Copy of previous permit (For Renewal applications)
Proof of payment

Processing time

Please note that VFS Global has no influence in the processing time of an application, the processing time of an application is managed by the Ministry Of Home Affairs.

For more information on the processing of your application please make use of the Track your Application tool.