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Complete Online Form

All applicants are requested to complete the Online Visa Application form using the below link.

Lesotho Online Visa Application Link

All applicants are requested to follow the below steps before appearing at the application center:

  • Complete the visa application form online.
  • Ensure that all documentation as per the checklist is prepared and compiled.
  • Ensure that an appointment date and time is selected by following the step on the below link:
    Link to appointment scheduling
  • Applicants are requested to appear at the application centre on the selected appointment date and time.
  • Applicants are to ensure that the VFS service fee is paid either at Standard Bank before the appointment date, or the VFS service can be paid on the day of appointment at the VAC:
  • For applicants who chose to pay at the bank before they appear at the application center, please download the banking details here:

Service Charge for Application Handling - Price per Applicant 2800
  • Applicants are requested to make the Permit Fee payment directly at the Ministry of Home Affairs office’s, please refer to the Ministry Of Home Affairs permit fee list in the Government Gazette in the below link:
    Link to Ministry of Home Affairs Permit fees.